Concert of music performed by Project FourthStream inspired by the sound and nature of bees. The evening will feature a short talk by a local beekeeper addressing some of the questions of vanishing bees.  

Project FourthStream will bring the spirit and the vivacious nature of bees to the audience through their special brand of informed improvisation.  Composer William Neil has made a recording of the sound of bees within their hive.  Through a process that Neil's calls "dream craft" the digitally sculpted sound will be part of their improvisation during the performance. A local beekeeper will also be present at the performance to speak and raise awareness of these life sustaining creatures and the environmental risks they face. In addition, architect and designer, Gregory Splinter has create a series of intuitive designs inspired by our program.  Please view the video below, Bee Dance, to get an idea of how we are transforming the groove into a visual experience using Gregory's designs. 

Our Proposed Program

Apis Sonoris
Flight to the Sun
Liquid Sunshine
Sphere of Life
Speed of Angels
The Mystery of Selflessness

Samples from my sound design that I created from recording my bees

All the sounds that you hear in these samples are from the digital recordings I made of the bees in my hives.  Essentially I have mined from the vibrations that the bees make with their wings, frequencies that I then have sculpted and processed with my audio editing software.  There are no synthesized sound involved. 

Sample of our video and sound design that we will use in our performance